Dental Tourism - González Tuñón


González Tuñón

Destination: Asturias

Why not take a different type of break?

Undergo the dental treatments that you need and enjoy for some days of delving into our city's history, gastronomy and wonderful landscapes.


Enjoy your stay at the Las Caldas Villa Termal. A place where you can relax on holiday while you undergo your dental treatment. Breakfast is included in the accommodation price, as well as the trip to the González Tuñón Dental Centre.

Beside this, you will enjoy free access to all thermal facilities and to the gym, as well as important discounts on the treatments on offer.

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We will organise your travel arrangements, your holidays and the treatments you wish to undertake.

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We will provide you with a quote adapted to your needs, where the entire cost of the holiday is included. Once you have agreed to move forward with it we take care of everything, and we will send you the full program, accommodation and any activities.

Relax; your dental healthcare is in the best hands.


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