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Pioneering and technology in a single space.

After many years of work, study, and experience, we have created one of the best dental centres in the country, and we strive to continuously improve.

At our facilities you will find the latest in dental equipment and technology, which allows us to address, all fully guaranteed, any type of treatment needs for the whole family.

Invisible Braces, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Advanced Digital Radiology, Computerised Surgery, Dental Aesthetics... and these are just some of the treatments that are on offer at our centre.

A space designed for you to feel at home.

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For your concern

Surgical room - Facilities

Surgical room

View more - Facilities The place where we perform our surgical procedures - here you will find a combination of technology and comfort.
Stomatologists, dentists, anaesthesiologists and nurses all working together as a team to ensure we achieve excellence in all the work we do.

Radiology - Facilities


View more - Facilities Where technology and science go hand in hand. Our area dedicated specifically to Radiology has several units that carry out the digital examination of our patients.

Thanks to 2D and 3D digital programs we obtain the best diagnostic results and provide innovative quality treatments. We not only care about the tests, but also your teeth.

Our equipment ensures that you receive only the minimal dosage of radiation and we have protective services, such as panoramic radiography for children, with a beam field that is reduced in height and length to protect the eye’s crystalline lens.

Waiting rooms - Facilities

Waiting rooms

View more - Facilities Our waiting rooms are the pride of the centre.

Take a relaxing stroll, listen to the sound of the fountain, or read in our zen room – luxurious experiences that make you feel like the waiting time is too short.
For those who can never disconnect, we have WIFI available and a room equipped with a computer so that you can get connected, check your emails or social networks, or entertain yourself whilst you wait.
The postsurgical room is designated for clients to rest after surgery, and promote faster recovery.

The room is specifically designed so that our patients can enjoy their privacy, away from the communal areas of the clinic. The entire centre is designed for the comfort and enjoyment of our patients. Don’t hesitate, and come and meet us!

Outside laboratory - Facilities

Outside Laboratory

View more - Facilities We collaborate very closely with excellent dental prosthesis professionals who design specifically to meet the requirements of our patients - a complete luxury in dental treatments. Our work doesn't end until you are fully satisfied.