We perform high-level orthodontic treatments, looking after the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of poorly positioned teeth and deformities of the jaws. Our aim is to achieve the appropriate functioning of the mouth as well as pleasing aesthetical results, both dental as much as facial.

We recommend making the first visit to the orthodontist when the child is around six or seven years old, to detect the presence of any problems where an intervention will be necessary at some stage during the child's growth.

The orthodontic treatment of a child patient can be divided into tow phases:

Orthopaedic phase... Focus on correcting any problems with the bone, it is performed using devices that patients themselves can put in and take out. These are usually performed on children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Orthodontic phase. Focus on solving dental malocclusions. The problems of poorly positioned teeth and dental misalignment are addressed once the permanent teeth are in (usually in children from 11 - 13 years old), correcting them in a fast and efficient way by the use if fixed devices (bands and braces).

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