I have been passionately working in the world of dental implants for thirty years. There have been a great many professionals who have contributed to my training at some time all these years, and I have much to thank them for.

The accumulated experience of all of them, together with my own experience acquired across my working life, supported by the immeasurable help and support of renowned professionals, both from Spain and abroad, that accompany me on this postgraduate course, have encouraged me to share with all of you; hoping to be really useful to you.

The innovation of this postgraduate course is that we are aiming for it to be personalised to each student who attends, so when you have completed it, not only our objectives, but also yours, will have been met.

We will establish a general program, but it will be you who, across the course, will set your own objectives, and we will try to adapt to your concerns and needs. Another objective of the course is, besides learning, for students to be able to develop alongside a group who can collaborate and support each other in the future.

You will have the opportunity to take part in intensive practical workshops, assist on all kind of procedures and even perform surgical procedures on your own patients if you so wish.

Dr.González Tuñón
Dr.González Tuñón - Presentation