• Perform accurate diagnosis and establish phases of clinical treatment with the objective to perform functional prosthesis over dental implants.
  • Treat surgically and prosthetically cases of individual implants, partial and totally edentulous jaws.
  • Identify and treat cases of dental implants with the most advanced techniques in 3D planning, bone regeneration, management of soft tissues, immediate load implants, functional and aesthetic prosthesis.
  • Incorporate protocols for clinical success into the daily practice of implantology, undertake surgical procedures, prosthesis and implant maintenance based on scientific criteria that gives students have a high level of clinical practice.
  • Learn all you need to about documentation and presentation of clinical cases, from the use of macrophotography, digital radiology, TC and Diagnostic Wax-up, developing clinical file formats appropriate for the practice of implantology, photography for surgery, etc.

Innovative learning system

  • 8 academically dynamic modules
  • Use of digital media: video, HD, macrophotography and clinical documentation in PDF.
  • Availability of all facilities and resources at one of the most complete clinics in Spain.
  • Technological innovation in 3D planning media.
  • Meeting surgery microscopy equipped to perform surgeries.
  • Clinical demonstrations held every day of the course.
  • Online platform containing clinical assessments by the teachers.
  • Real tools and material for practical workshops.
  • Students will have the opportunity to perform surgery and procedures of prosthesis over implants with real patients, assessed by the teachers.
  • Increased levels of surgical confidence.
  • Based on more than 35 years of experience in Clinical Implantology.