Complete Oral Diagnosis - González Tuñón


Everything begins with a good diagnosis.

When a new patient comes to us, our first concern is to uncover his/her oral state. To do this we perform a complete study, and we will deliver the results at a follow-up consultation.

On the first visit…

We will perform all the necessary tests to help us obtain a good diagnosis:

  • Orthopantomography

  • Specific teeth radiograph

  • Observation of teeth, buccal mucosa and gums

  • Create prosthesis of the dentures

  • Study of bite index

  • Photographs of the face and facial profile

  • Information recording

  • Scan (if required)

On the second visit…

After analysing the tests undertaken during the first visit we will give you the results:

  • Explanation of what has been seen on the tests

  • Diagnosis

  • Election of proposed treatment

  • Quotes

We care about your health and your image, for that reason we will not only inform you of the issue your mouth has, but we will also suggest ways to improve your image.


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