Endodontics - González Tuñón


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We aim to ensure that the endodontic treatments that are performed at our Centre are minimally invasive for patients.

We get rid of the affected part of the tooth's pulp and seal the pulp canal. The pulp is the lower part of the tooth, made up of soft tissue that contains the nerves and the blood vessels.

Root canal therapy, also called endodontic treatment, is mainly performed because of an infection and necrosis of the dental pulp. There are also other factors that can produce an injury to the pulp that will require a treatment of this type, like for example tooth trauma or abrasion produced by the grinding of teeth.

At the end of the treatment the tooth affected will be desensitised, without the need for the patient to suffer any kind of pain.

Dental check-ups are very important, in order to detect and reduce these types of problems.


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