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The best techniques with minimum impact

The philosophy of the centre has always been the treatment of the patient first, with a focus on the end result.

All the conventional dentistry and root canal therapy techniques used at the Clinic have been developed by Dr. Javier González Tuñón who was Associate Professor at the School of Stomatology at the University of Oviedo for many years, who conducted a plethora of fillings and composite reconstructions (aesthetical) and amalgam, metal alloys (although progressively less and less).


Dental cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in the world. It is an infectious disease caused mainly by the presence of plaque bacteria, which produces the demineralisation of enamel and the dentine. It appears more frequently in the fissures and inside teeth, so it is impossible to detect without the use of X-rays. The disease is also practically painless during the initial stages.

During the first stages, the treatment consists of the total elimination of the decay in the affected tooth replacing the lost structure with restorative material, such as composite, which imitates the colour and shape of the tooth, so that these can go unnoticed.

Composite aesthetic veneers

These are recommended for those cases where the front teeth do not have an aesthetically pleasing look, because of many different diverse factors, such as fractures, dark colouring, spots, small teeth, gaps, malocclusions levels, restoration work in a bad state. The remodelling is performed over the teeth with thin layers of composite until the desired shape and colour is achieved.

The advantages, as opposed to traditional porcelain veneers are:

Work is carried out in a single appointment and therefore, results are immediate.

  • A less aggressive shaving is required, and sometimes is not necessary at all.

  • Easy to repair. More affordable.

  • Great aesthetic results.


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