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Orthodontics is the dental speciality that takes care of the correction of dental and/or skeletal malocclusions. That is, it ensures the proper alignment of teeth and of correcting any bite problems, as well as guiding tooth eruption and the development of the maxillae.

The Orthodontics Department at the González Tuñón Dental Centre works with all types of orthodontic systems, which allows us to customise each treatment, using the most appropriate device(s) for you case or problem.

Childrens' Orthodontics

The best age to begin orthodontic treatment in order to achieve the best possible result is in childhood, as this allows us to intervene during the child's growth phase.

Orthodontics for adults

The objectives of orthodontic treatment for adults are the same as for child patients: correction of malocclusions, improvements to both the functioning and aesthetic elements.

However, age, wear and tear, the loss of permanent teeth and the state of the teeth adds further treatment elements to adult corrections, and for this reason it is necessary to individualise each treatment.

Invisible Orthodontics

One of the main requests we have from our adult patients with regards to orthodontic treatments relates to aesthetics, is for the device that will be used to be as discreet as possible.

In order to achieve this we at the González Tuñón Dental Centre use the invisible orthodontics by Invisalign or the white porcelain braces that are practically invisible. Nowadays it is possible for adults to correct the malocclusions of their teeth, maintain healthy gums, and most importantly, to enjoy having a nice smile. Thanks to these orthodontic systems it isn't necessary to resort to those garish and uncomfortable treatments of old.


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