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We keep your gums in good shape

The periodontology department undertakes the treatment and maintenance of gums and oral hygiene. Performed by a specially trained team who undergo constant training.

Non-surgical periodontology, conventional periodontal surgery, aesthetical periodontal surgery and microsurgery occupy a very important part of the daily work at the González Tuñón Dental Centre.

Our periodontology department will help you achieve and maintain an optimum healthy state for your mouth, advising you on the most adequate treatments for your particular problem and providing you with information about how to recover and maintain your oral health.

Hygiene and maintenance

Our department of PERIODONTOLOGY will take care of the Prevention and Prophylaxis. One of our objectives is to PREVENT periodontal disease and our first order is business is to INFORM. To do this we have a complete solution, which one of our hygienists will carefully explain to each patient, solving their questions about their specific treatment, including practicing the diverse techniques of oral hygiene.

To a great extent the success of the treatment depends on the patient following the appropriate information and advice.

Root scaling and planing

Root scaling and planing are two methods that we use to reverse periodontal disease. Using the appropriate tools, tartar build up below the gum line is removed and gum swelling is reduced.


The newest technology for Periodontal Treatment with minimum invasiveness, such as the PERIODONTAL DECONTAMINATION LASER, to a great extent helps to avoid periodontal surgeries and optimise the results of the treatment as well as the wellbeing of patients.

Individualised Support Therapy, adopted to each specific case.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery with local anaesthesia is performed on patients suffering advanced periodontal disease. It also helps us to improve the smile in those cases where there is a gum defect or an excessive amount of gum.


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