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Your best smile

From the very beginnings of the Centro González Tuñón, prosthetic rehabilitation and dental aesthetics, alongside dental implants, have been the clinic's main points of reference.

By prosthesis we mean any device that, in the mouth, replaces either lost gum (soft tissue) or lost teeth (hard tissue).


Only by using the latest and most sophisticated advancements in the manufacturing of any type of prosthesis (robotic technology among other systems), can the best results be achieved.

You will forget you have it

It is one of the fundamental ideals of our work. The patient's comfort, together with the proper treatment and aesthetic results, are - and continue to be - our main motivations.

Showcase your smile

Part of our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the aesthetics and functionality of our work must go hand in hand, and this allows us to obtain results that you will feel really comfortable with.

Fixed prosthesis

Implant-supported Dentures (supported over the implant):

  • Bridges: can join several prosthetic teeth together with real teeth, can be fixed using cement or screws

  • Crowns: Individual teeth. These can be fixed using either cement or screwed.

  • Tooth-supported overdenture (supported over the tooth)

  • Bridges

  • Crowns

  • Dental veneers: only affects the buccal (vestibular) side of the tooth, so less carving is required (less aggressive treatment)

Removable prosthesis

  • Implant-supported denture (supported over the implant)

  • Tooth-supported (supported over the tooth)

  • Mucosa & teeth-supported (supported over soft tissue and teeth)

  • Tissue-supported denture (supported by soft tissue)

Combined prosthesis

Static prosthesis combined with removable prosthesis that are anchored (joined) by attachments to ensure greater stability.


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