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And everything in a relaxing and comfortable manner

Conscious sedation is a medically controlled state where the state of conscienceness is decreased, but protective reflexes are maintained. In this way we allow patients to maintain their ability to breath independently and continuously, while responding to physical stimulus or orders.

Who will perform it?

It will be performed by doctors who are specialised in Anaesthesia and Resuscitation.

Who can receive conscious sedation?

  • Patients who suffer from anxiety.

  • Patients who have a fear or phobia of surgery with local anaesthesia.

  • Patients who require long maxillofacial surgical procedures.

  • Patients who wish to have emotional stability and feel relaxed during the treatment.

How is it done?

In a minimally invasive way: it is necessary to use a vain in the arm to administer the drugs.

The patient is monitored, and their vital signs controlled, in order to maintain maximum control and safety.


  • Tranquillity and comfort

  • Relaxation

  • Safety

  • Improvement of the conditions for the surgical work of the maxillofacial surgeon

  • Fast and comfortable recovery

Is it safe?

It is a very safe technique. With the patient being monitored and the actual dosage of drugs that are usually administrated for a conscious sedation we consider the risk to be minimal. Conscious sedation is regularly used in maxillofacial clinics in other countries (USA, Australia, UK, France, etc.).


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