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Snoring is produced by the vibration of the soft structures in the pharynx, especially the soft palate and the side areas of the oropharynx. According to SEPAR (the Spanish Society for Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery) this disorder occurs in around 40% of males and 20% of women.


The first stage of the treatment of any disorder is to perform an accurate diagnosis that confirms what the actual situation is. In the case of SAHS the ideal thing to do is to be referred to a Sleep Unit. Currently there are very few Sleep Disorders Units and the waiting period is very long, so doctors are reverting to the use of simpler devices that allow specialists to perform an evaluation with patients in their own home.


Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, it is necessary to provide patients with a solution, and to do so several actions are required, from hypnotic drug suppression, control of the patient's diet and habits, postural control, employing continuous or variable positive airway pressure devices (CPAP and autoCPAP), Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) or even surgical techniques.


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