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These days a large part of the population regularly practice some kind of sport or physical activity, resulting in immeasurable benefits to the health and life quality of people, although they can also result in injuries and cause damage to our bodies. During the practice of sports the most frequent injuries are traumatic cuts, blows and oral injuries, which make up for around 45% of the total number of orofacial traumas.

The consequences of an orofacial trauma vary, depending on the type, direction and location of the impact, and for that reason the type of sport and the intensity of which it is practised are very important when choosing the correct protective device. To do so, we classify sports according to the risk they present in producing an orofacial trauma, with high-risk sports including (martial arts, boxing, American football, hockey, skating, rugby); intermediate risk sports including (basketball, handball, squash, water polo, and mountain biking). After suffering an impact, the effects of this can range from the laceration of the lips to a bone fracture, moving through to joint damage, broken teeth, etc.

Types of Protectors

  • Standard: Those mouthguards that are the same shape for all patients.

  • Thermo plastics: Are those protectors that can be slightly adapted to the dental anatomy after heating the material in water.

  • Customized: These are perfectly adapted to the patient's gums and teeth, taking into consideration the maxillar's relation to the jawbone.


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