The Founder - González Tuñón


González Tuñón

Doctor Javier González Tuñón, the centre's Medical Director, is renowned in the Stomatology and Dentistry field. His broad education and training, combined with his more than 30 years of experience, place him ahead of other professionals within this sector in Spain.

He holds a Master Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Oviedo, specialising in Stomatology. His passion for his profession and his desire to excel are constants across his academic and professional careers, highlights of which include:

  • Training in Implantology with Dr. Sandhaus in Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • Training in Implantology at the Bränenmarck Clinic in Göteborg (Sweden).
  • Residence at UCLA University (Los Angeles, USA).
  • Residence at The Pankey Institute, specialised in Prosthetic Rehabilitation (Florida, USA).
  • Residence at the University of Loma Linda (California, USA).
  • Residence at the UMEA Hospital (Sweden, USA).
  • Residence at the University of Baylor (Dallas, USA).
  • Residence at the University of Louisiana (New Orleans, USA).
  • Training in ATM with Professor Mariano Rocabado (Argentina) and Professor Mongini (Italy).
  • Master in Methodology and Research Techniques for Oral Healthcare.
  • Class One Triple Plus Club by L.D. Pankey Institute of Miami (USA).

Dr. González Tuñón has been in active private practice since 1981. During these years he has managed to bring together the best professionals in the business, to construct an unparalleled team of noted professionals, who come together at the González Tuñón Dental Centre. The clinic offers the highest quality of services in all aspects of dentistry, with a comprehensive approach to dentistry, where all the healthcare aspects have been developed to the highest level possible.

Dr. González Tuñón's effort and love for his profession has been recognized and rewarded, and he is the recipient of the:

  • Entrepreneur of the year, 1st Edition COPE Awards Asturias
  • 2013 Citizen of Oviedo of the year.

In addition to his dedication to the centre, he has always played an important role in the sector through various activities, including:

  • Diverse publications and conferences.
  • Associate Professor at the Dentistry College of Oviedo for a period of 12 years.
  • First to introduce the Bränemark Implant System in Asturias, a technique that revolutionised the world of Dental Implants.
  • President of the 18th International and National Congress of the Spanish Implants Association.
  • Current President of the Professional Association of Odontologists of Asturias.


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